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The busy sandy beach, with shallow waters, is suitable for families with young children. Furthermore, it is ideal for lovers of water sports and games and sports on the beach, as beach volley. It is fully organized with sun beds and umbrellas. Agios Georgios beach was awarded with the “Blue Flag”. The beach has been developed around as a tourist area with many restaurants, beach bars and mini markets. Located next to the City Hall of Naxos and the large parking of Chora.

How to go: Walking a few minutes from the center of Chora you are in the beach of Agios Georgios


The beach of Agios Prokopios is one of the most famous beaches of Naxos. It is just 5 km from Chora. It was voted by international tourism magazines as one of the best beaches in Greece and Europe. The golden sand covers approximately 2 km. The calm turquoise waters are attracting thousands of tourists every summer. On the right side of the beach is the picturesque church of Agios Prokopios, which gave its name to the beautiful sandy beach.

Here visitors can indulge in water sports and games. Around the beach area has been developed with high quality tourism services.

How to go: By private car or bike follow the route: Chora- Airport- Agios Prokopios. The area is associated with Chora with very often bus routes.

  • AG. ANNA

The beach of Agia Anna is considered, not unjustly, as one of the most famous beaches of Naxos. It is located 6.7 km from Chora. It is the natural continuation of the beach of Agios Prokopios.

The fine golden sand is attracting families seeking the perfect setting to enjoy a swim. It is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, mainly at the sections in front of restaurants and beach bars.
Agia Anna beach was awarded with the Blue Flag. The beach is supervised by lifeguards, whose kiosk is on the beginning of the beach.

How to go: By private car or bike starting from the port, follow the ring road, downstream of the island and turn left, at the next intersection you turn right. The signs lead you in the direction “Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna”. Agia Anna is connected with Chora with very frequent bus routes.


The beach of Plaka is one of the biggest beaches of Naxos. Is located 8 km north of Chora and it is next to the beach of Agia Anna and the Maragkas. Its biggest part is organized with sun beds and umbrellas and visitors can enjoy water sports too. The almost white fine sand forms dunes. Above the beach there is a fully developed tourist area. The seabottom is very interesting because there are in some places, plates, and in that plates, Plaka “offers” its name (in Greek Plaka means Plate).


Mikri Vigla was used as an observation point during Frankish rule, designed to provide advance warning against pirates approaching the island.
These days it rates as one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. A rock divides the beach into two parts, nicknamed “Limanaki” on the north side and “Sahara” on the south side. This spot is ideal for windsurfing and is considered the island’s best location for kite surfing as the bay is sheltered and winds are suitable for flights over Naxos’s beaches.


On the southwest coast of Naxos is Glifada. The beach is located between Kastraki and Aliko and is one of the most popular choices for swimming in recent years .. The golden sand surrounded by cedar trees is a unique landscape in the Cycladic island. Discover small secluded bays and enjoy diving in the blue waters of Glifada. The beach is not organized but there are restaurants to enjoy a coffee or lunch.

How to go: By private car or motorcycle you can follow the routes:


This is a long sandy beach, ideal for enjoying swimming and unforgettable sunsets. The beach is not organized but a there are few sunbeds and umbrellas to the hotel. On the right of the beach is a small creek which “embraced” by a tight rich and unique cedar forest. A corner that is a small paradise on the island.

How to go: By private car or motorcycle follow the route:
Chora-Glinado Tripodes (Vivlos)- Pirgaki (18.7 km). Pirgaki is associated with Chora with the bus route “Chora-Pirgaki”


The sandy beach Agiasos is located in the southwest part of the island. It is an ideal destination for families with children, because the water is shallow and crystal clear.Visitors should bring along an umbrella because the beach is not organized. On the one side of the sheltered sandy beach of Agiasos are rocks and on the other side trees border the beach. There are traditional tavernas for lunch and a mini market for your purchases

How to go: Visitors by car or motorcycle can follow 2 routes:


Well-protected from windy conditions and located at the edge of the bay with the same name, this alluring sandy beach at Naxos’s southernmost point has crystal-clear, shallow waters. A rich wetland has developed at the stream’s end, hosting numerous birds amongst other species.
A marina/fishing pier in the bay offers protection from the annual northerly summer breezes (meltemia) as and southerly winds.


A spellbinding beach on the island’s southeastern coast, Psili Ammos is spread before a juniper tree forest and offers a view of neighboring Koufonissi. The beach here is covered with fine sand and its waters are crystal-clear and shallow. Ideal for tranquility and relaxation.


Azalas beach is located on the island’s eastern side, next to Moutsouna bay, approximately 11km from Apiranthos. The reddish-brown rocks along the edge are a trademark feature here. Several tamarisk trees close to the sea offer shade.


This is the attractive beach at the picturesque Lionas cove, on the island’s northeastern coast. With wild beauty, white pebbles and crystal-clear waters, it is ideal for those seeking a chill-out.
The location has rooms to let and good fish tavernas. A traditional boatbuilding and repair yard is at one end of the beach.


In the northeastern part of Naxos island, within 54 km from the town is the village and the beach of Apollonas. Apollonas Beach is sandy and is part of a pebble. The waves are characteristic of the location. Next to the beach there are restaurants, cafes and mini markets for your purchases.

How to go: By private car or motorcycle will have to follow the route: Chora- Eggares- Kambos- Apollonas (35.9 km coastal route). Apollonas is associated with Chora with the bus route “Chora- Apollonas”


Abraam bay is located 21 km north to Chora. Is a precious “jewel” in the north of Naxos. It is a pebble beach and spectacular blue waters and tamarisk trees.

The area around the beach has lush vegetation and small rivers.
The beach is not organized. But in the area there are taverns and rooms to rent.

How to go: By private car or motorcycle you will follow the route: Country- Eggares- Kambos- Ampraam. The beach of Ampraam is associated with Chora with the bus route  “Chora-Apollonas”


The beach is Amitis, is located northeast of Chora, after the villages of Eggares and Galini. The waves and the north wind made Amitis beach very popular to the lovers of windsurf and kite surf. Be careful to the water, currents are strong in.The beach is not organized. There is a tavern where you can enjoy lunch or coffee.

How to go: By private car or bike will follow the route: Chora- Galini- Eggares- Amitis. The beach of Amitis is associated with Chora with the bus route: “Chora-Apollonas”. The bus stop is 500 meters from the beach